The materials we are using are 100% recyclable. There is no need to separate waste, as only the glass is used.

The glass:

Both our glass and our glass’ seal (3 different functional layers) are made out of damp proof materials. Inside the glass there is NO oxidation/development of the pre-filled wines and juices. Additionally, we work with an oxygen scavenger, which absorbs any residual oxygen in the glass and results in a life cycle (9 months for our wines and waters and 3 months for juices).

Sleeve (optional) for Marketing & Communication:

There are many possibilities to use both our glass ‘seal and the optional paper sleeve covering the glass for marketing and/or advertising use.

We’re eager to work with you on the design of your seals and sleeves, i.e. on special themes and extraordinary occasions. Both sides can be printed in 6 colors. Of course, at all times your company holds the final approval authority over your seal and sleeve artwork. Our SFG paper sleeves are 100% recyclable.


Our glass can be filled with 187ml wine or 200ml juice. Compared to a plastic bottle, our glass is 17 grams lighter. Additionally, there is no need for a glass. We did also make a 100ml glass specially for the menu-trays.

Therefore you will save in total 20 grams of weight per consumption.

NEW; 100ml. glasses for wines and juices.