At InflightDrinks, we believe that to develop meaningful and effective sustainable solutions, the interests of business, the environment and our global community must be addressed in balance. We approach sustainability through a triple focus, incorporating Environmental, Economic and Social considerations.


We are committed to reducing the impact of InflightDrinks on the planet and conserving our resources. Our focus areas include; helping stakeholders to use less packaging; developing new and effective sustainable materials; reducing waste in the food distribution chain through enhanced protective packaging; minimizing manufacturing waste; and producing materials efficiently through the responsible use of energy and resources.


InflightDrinks operates with a strong sense of purpose, responsibility, and adaptability. This model of economic sustainability requires that we continuously adapt in order to match the interests of our business, society, and the environment, both in the short and long-term.


We seek to improve the lives of people who interact with InflightDrinks and our products by ensuring packaging safety; protecting employee and environmental safety; and giving back to our communities and industry.